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With the increased proliferation of large dental organizations, AKA “corporate dentistry,” it has become more difficult for the average private dentist to compete. The national and regional dental chains are able to negotiate large discounts on required items, such as dental supplies, equipment, labs, insurance, and other business services. By having to pay a higher price for these items, the private dentist’s profit margins get squeezed, and they are unable to compete. They also suffer from a lack of centralized operations such as billing, Human Resources, and marketing. By putting together a Group Purchasing Co-operative, we are levelling the playing field for all dentists, allowing the local, independent private dentist to become empowered and enjoy the benefits of being in a large group, without the restrictions upon their clinical practice of dentistry. Ultimately, the patients benefit, as they will be able to get their care in a patient-focused practice and treated by their local hometown dentist. 


PDBC aims to empower private dentists by building an independent national group of dentists and giving them access to the same discounts and services as the corporate dental chains without taking away control of their practice.

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