Amazon Vs. Dental GPOs


It is not a hidden fact that the retail giant Amazon is expanding into the business sectors that were once considered a difficult game for online platforms. With its recent announcement of selling dental supplies online through its platform, Amazon has raised a lot of safety and regulatory concerns in the dental supply market.

Such news has been met with cold responses from the companies and that currently supply dental products across the country. It is a cause of worry that very soon there will be unsafe, unregulated devices sitting in a dental practice that can potentially harm a patient.

Should you order dental supplies from Amazon?

There are a lot of reasons why Amazon will never be able to offer dental supply discounts at the same level as a dental group purchasing organization like ours.  The dental industry deals with products that stay within the patient’s body for a very long time.  That's why it's essential to buy from a company that is trustworthy.

The regulatory rules governing dental and other medical practices in the country are very stringent. Every company that sells its goods directly to the customer must meet these rules. However, in the past we have seen how online platforms are regularly used to sell fake and low-quality products to customers.

Group purchasing companies offer a higher level of customer service to clients throughout their relationship with them. It adds a whole lot of value to its clients. Not only are they dependable, they can also help dental practices save money.

So in short, buy from websites like Amazon & eBay at your own risk.  But if you are really wondering how to save on dental supplies, you should start by joining the private dentist buying club.

Our Dental Group Purchasing Organization is Free To Join.  Some practices have saved over 25% on annual supplies, and all it took was a few minutes to fill out our free sign-up form.

So Sign Up & Start Saving Today! 

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