How to save on dental supplies


Your dental practice is like any other business, it has a max amount of overhead it can handle before it starts to fail.  For most dental practices, your expenses will include employee salaries, equipment costs, operational costs, supply costs, and marketing costs.

Overspending in any of these areas can hurt the business and make finding profitability even harder.  The key is to save when you can, but don't be a penny pincher, or jump at every discounted dental supply you see, because your patients will notice.

Instead, decrease your dental supply costs by buying dental supplies online or through a dental group purchasing organization and manage staff in the most efficient way possible.  You will be surprised how profitable your practice can become without having to grow your new patient counts.

You can start by buying from a reputable dental supply company that offers competitive rates.  However, the best first step is to join our community, it's free to signup and can immediately save your practice as much as 25% on annual dental supplies.

After you join here are a few tips to help you manage your orders and turn the most profit possible.

Set a fixed budget

At first, it might seem a little difficult to set a budget for things that cannot be used in a predetermined order. But you can still do it, start by looking at your average spend on the supplies for the previous years. This will give you a ballpark of what you will need in reserves for upcoming months and help you feel at ease by knowing your numbers.

Order only what is needed

When you are checking previous years for average supply spend, also check what your supply counts are for each of those months.  What are you ordering over and over, can you order in bulk and save even more?  Once you know what your average order contains for each month you can start figuring out what type of bulk discounts might be available.

Understand your order

It is worthy of your time and money, to understand what you are ordering. Many products that you order regularly might be costing you a lot of money. Manufacturers often have cheaper alternatives for frequently used supplies. They all perform the same and the quality might vary minutely. Products like cotton rolls or disposables of any quality will not harm the patient in any way.

You can also negotiate rates with the representatives. They can offer a lower price, offer free goods, or give you techniques to save money. Buying from one dental supply company can help you secure cheaper deals and offers regularly. If they do not offer anything, it might be the best time to change your dealer.

Keep a check on your inventory

If your dental practice has multiple operatories, it is highly possible that most of them have unused overstocked items in the rooms.  It is common to keep extra dental supplies in the operatories for ease and comfort.

This results in a huge supply sitting idle and is a sheer wastage of money. Instead of stocking supplies in every room, keep the boxed inventories in the supply room. This will let you handle your orders and supplies more efficiently.

Summing It All Up

There are many ways to save on dental supplies.  However, joining our group of dentists is the safest and easiest way to start saving today.

Our free to join dental group purchasing organization already gets crazy low prices.  But the more dentists that join the better the rates get!  That's why it's free to join 🙂

Sign Up & Start Saving Today!

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